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Amanda has been a hockey fan since her beloved Whalers were still where they belong, Hartford CT. When her team defected to the south, she transfered her allegiance to the Bruins. She maintains that you can be a Bruins and a Yankees fan at the same time. Her likes include Milan Lucic, fights (which are synonomous with Lucic) the word "wicked" used as an adjective and foam bear claws. Her pet peeves are punks that push her at Joe Louis Arena and having to have two forms of ID just to buy beer at the Garden

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Favorite Thing #26: Pond Hockey

Pond Hockey -the great North American past time. It involves balancing on tiny blades of steel and pushing a small flat circular object around on a frozen surface while freezing your ass off. Generally, it does not involve the massive amounts of protective equipment that pansy NHL players wear, and thus is more affordable to the masses. Pond hockey is probably the only thing I like about winter. Today, I got to play around on the ice for the first time in several years (stupid global warming). In an attempt to convert more people the pond hockey cult, I've compiled a list of rules every pond hockey player should know:
  1. Spend more time shoveling off the ice than you do on skates.
  2. Sure two women spent twice as long as you did on skates. And they spent the whole time passing the puck around. But you shoveled 2000 yards of ice. That makes you the winner in the manly department.

  3. Make sure to dress properly
  4. Expensive protective gear is for sissys. All you really need is a stick, some gloves, a classic '92 Ray Bourque jersey and a hat. Glass of wine optional.

  5. Be sure to warm up properly.
  6. John learned this move from Tim Thomas. It ensures your muscles are nice and warmed up for moves such as the belly flop, yard sale, and spinning turtle shell. Alcohol is great for raising your body temperature. Especially wine. It shows you are a real classy person.

  7. Make sure you impress everyone with moves you learned from your favorite hockey player.
  8. John impresses everyone with his Tim Thomas-like finesse on the ice. He proves that the more dramatic the fall, the better the player you are.

Now, who's up for a little pond hockey next time?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Favorite Thing #25: Jackson Von Schnauzer

Jackson von Schnauzer, aka the Handsome Man, is probably my favorite thing in the entire world. Today is his 3rd birthday so I thought a blog to celebrate him would be in order. Instead of listing his many, many, many virtues - here is a photo tribute to the Handsome Man

The Handsome Man was handsome even on his first day in his new house
Jackson is a Momma's boy from Day 1
Aww - Someone shipped me a puppy
Even at 6 months old, Jackson carried himself like a prince

Kevin would not let Jackson be in our wedding (how rude!), but managed to sneak his way into our table numbers. Yes, I took 15 different pictures of him with 15 different numbers in them.
Bumblebee costumes are NOT dignified enough for the Handsome Man
Santa's Little HelperRun Jackson, Run!

I tell Kevin that Jackson is my main man and he gets mad, but its true!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Favorite THing #24: Michael Bublé

Since I have yet to write a blog about one of my all time, favorite favorite favorite things Michael Bublé, I thought it would be a good idea to wrie one in honor of the glorious Michael Bublé concert that Amy and I attended last night.
Mini Deal and I first became aware of him 5 years ago when I went and bought the Down with Love soundtrack (really, I just wanted the Ewan McGregor song on it, but at that time iTunes wasn't as prevalent). Both Mini and I immediatly fell in love with two songs on the cd by an artist by the name of Michael Bublé, which we thought was a gloriously funny name. As fate would have it, he was playing a concert at Foxwoods later that week, which Mini and I decided to go to since we love concerts. That is where our love affair started. 5 concerts later and its still going strong.
The thing about MB, or the Boob as Mini calls him, is that he isn't just a great musician, but he's a great performer too. His concerts are always different and always great. The man is hilarious-from his ragging of guys in the audience whose wives dragged them there, to throwing in really random funny songs, like Elvis or YMCA. He's an old school performer and that is something I greatly admire. He doesn't just show up, sing some songs and go home - he puts on a great show.
I was glad to share my love of the Boob with Amy last night, and hope more and more people will love him as much as me. But seriously people, stop buying up all his concert tickets so I can't sit in the front!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Favorite Thing #23: Justin Timberlake SNL skit

There are no words to describe the greatness of this video. It is B-rilliant.

Warmed up like biscuits...Dance Biscuits

Saturday, November 15, 2008

OT: If Loving You is Wrong Then I Don't Want to Be Right

unless you are playing the Bruins Chris Drury, why do you do this to me? I've always been a fan. You hail from Trumbull which makes you a hometown hero for Connecticut. But more importantly, you're good. I always liked you when you played for the Av's. In fact, I kind of felt bad for you, because you were overshadowed by Joe Sakic and his pretty face and stupid Lady Byng Trophy. I was even thrilled when you were traded to the stupid Rangers because it meant you not only got a higher profile role on the team, but I would get to see you play more. I got to see you play the Red Wings in the Murder City back in October and I secretly cheered for you the whole time (it was only a secret because I was afraid Mini Wiseman would beat me up for cheering for a member of the opposite team. Also, I was really only cheering for you because I didn't want your team to win.).
But then you go and be your awesome self when your team plays the Bruins. The Bruins blew their early 2-0 lead and the game was tied up 53 seconds before then end of regulation play. And you have to go and score a goal on Terrible Tim in the 4th round of shootouts in the closeout position. Bergeron did his best, but the puck rebounded off the goal post just shy of the line. (Stupid instant replay. The ref called it a fair goal.) Why do you make it so hard on me? Maybe next time you meet the Bruins on Beantown ice, you could try to be less awesome so that I don't feel like a philanderer secretly cheering when you score a goal and then realizing that, along with your amazing deke, come a loss for the Bruins.

Friday, November 14, 2008

OT: Come on Baby Light My Fire

The Bruins continued their winning streak last night as they skated circles around their arch enemy the Montreal Canadiens, crushing them with a final 6-1 score and effectively ending the 12-game regular season winning streak of the dreaded Habs. With this win, the Bruins have not only cemented themselves as the leader of the Northeast Division, finally passing the Sabres (seriously, the Sabres were in first???), but they've planted the idea in many a fans head that this may not be another disappointing season for the Bruins.

Overall, the Bruins played really well as a team last night, which they have been doing all season. However, I did notice better cohesion. Overall, I saw a drastic drop in puck turnovers both last night and the night before, and a much better power play kill than at the beginning of the season, allowing only 1 power play goal in the last 21 opportunities.

Some of the highlights of the game:

  • Shawn Thorton scoring his first Bruins goal 2:31 into the first period, and giving the Bruins the lead that they would maintain all night.

  • Marco Sturm scoring two goals last night, putting his 5 game total at 5 goals, 2 assists and giving him his third game of the season where he scored multiple times. I have a fever and the only prescription is more Sturm.

  • Stephane Yelle also scoring two goals. He's really been coming into his own this season after struggling to match his career as an Av while with the flames. Plus nothing beats his crazy Canadian accent. I love when they interview him. (I wish I was as clever as HubHockey - their headline is "With a Rebel Yelle, We Cry Game Winning Goal")

  • Manny Fernandez letting in only 1 out of 28 shots. I have to admit, I did miss Tim Thomas' big butt falling down and flopping around

  • Amy's comment that "All his hits are big" when the commentator said "And a big hit by Lucic"

  • Milan Lucic. I love this guy. He might be even better than PJ Stock. Lucic antagonized and taunted Komisarek all game until it culminated in a fight during the third period. These two have had a history since the playoffs last year. Their antagonism started with Lucic taking out Komisarek, who then whined to the ref, resulting in Lucic making really funny talking hand motions at him as he skated back to the bench. It ended with the fight in the third period that had Lucic knocking Komisarek to the ice, beating the crap out of him and then taunting what I believe was the Canadiens bench while Mark Savard shakes his head and laughs.

All in all, a great game. I think I'm in love.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

OT: A Public Apology to Tim Thomas

Dear Tim Thomas,

I have never been your biggest fan (or even a fan at all). I constantly question why the Bruins aren't willing to invest money in a Goalie, have likened your goal tending to falling on your fat ass and occasionally stopping the puck at the same time, and love to scream obscenities at you. But I'd like to apologize for that (for now). Anyone who knows me knows that I hate apologies, both coming from me and aimed at myself. I have even before admitted that I am wrong, but told my husband Kevin that I refuse to apologize. The only time apologies are cool are when they take the form of a song by Nerfherder.

My point is, apologies don't come natural to me. But you deserve it. Normally, your playing reminds me of the Katy Perry song "Hot and Cold". You make an incredible save and then the next shot on goal just slides past you. Or, you have two or three shutouts in a row and then completely bomb for several games afterwards. But so far this season, you have been on fire. Last night, you helped the rest of your team stave off the Blackhawks on their numerous power plays. Usually I cringe, because you guys are usually terrible at 4 on 5, but your help, the 'Hawks were shut down. A few weeks ago, you even played something like 158 minutes without allowing a shot in. 11th overall, you currently lead the league in GAA and Save%, which to my recollection is unheard of for you. I know there is a lot of ice time left, but it is shaping up to be a great season for you. For the first time, I actually believe that you deserve to be the lead Goaltender.

Its really too bad you didn't play this well last season when you were nominated for the Allstar Team. This year, you were left off the ballot, but you actually deserve to be there. Hopefully enough fans will write you in. I know I did, as penance for my doubt of you at the beginning of the season.

So, Tim Thomas, here's to you and your fat ass. I hope you continue to do well and don't wind up on my shit list again.

Amanda Lester

P.S. After I wrote this letter to you, I stumbled across a great article by James Duthie of the Ottowa Citizen that likened you to "a freshly caught fish on the bottom of a boat" and goes on to state that
"Boston's Tim Thomas is the best thing to happen to goaltending since the mask.
Where do I start? He's small, so his equipment doesn't make him eclipse the net like some of those Jabba The Hutt look-alikes. He doesn't have one of those robotic techniques. Heck, I'm not sure he has any technique! If he does the butterfly, it looks like it's missing a wing, flying in all directions. Every night with Thomas is like Live at the Improv. He's made the position fun again....Thomas makes ugly, ridiculous, impossible saves nightly. And just to make things interesting, he's occasionally awful. When that happens, when he flips when he should have flopped, he gets so mad at himself, it looks like David Banner turning into The Hulk. "
Perhaps I have been undervaluing you all along.